Rhizo14 – the course that never sleeps

Rhizo14 is hashtag tied to a P2PU course on Rhizomatic learning. Although saying rhizomatic learning uses connectivist approaches, it still has a hashtag and a presence on social media – so what do we see.

A lot of links are shared – most tweets feature a link – which raises a question over whether these are recorded somewhere (do we need a librarian?)


The network shows the early tweeters are the most connected (which is atypical) but a lot of people tweet

rhizonewjson (1)


Dave Cormier – the course organiser – is the most connected


and the most retweeted


What is most impressive (and unlike anything I’ve seen before) is that each hour features at least one #rhizo14 tweet since the course starts – which shows how international the course is – it doesn’t seem to sleep.


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