Welcome to the Huma Bird Project

The Huma Bird Project is an attempt to make a tool which can help aid research in the field of Digital Humanities.

Over time, the Huma Bird developers have produced stand alone tools to create various visualisations or data – but they required a certain level of time for their creation, and certain level of skills to be used. If you’re time rich and or skilled enough, this isn’t a problem. If you’re not, then it is a problem, if not a dead end.

Huma Bird aims to remove these two problems

Huma Bird is open source and easily extensible. Written using a similar style to WordPress, adding new tools and Huma Bird is relatively rapid. Huma Bird is extensible – each tool in Huma Bird is effectively “plugged in” (like WordPress Plugins) and so can be duplicated to create a new tool, or modified to alter how it works.

You could also run Huma bird off a web server anywhere (though we’d need to think about changing things to support users and making sure it wasn’t abused)

If you want to install Huma Bird (and we would love you too) then please visit our installation guides

You can seem an examples of Huma Bird on our Examples site, or join the community on our Community Site

You can find out how to develop for Huma Bird on our developer guide or see the code on github

We live on twitter as @humabirdproject

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